It’s not about the equipment or the specs or the parts or the quality or the process. It’s about ALL of it. And that’s what we do best at DG Precision. The sooner we can get involved, the more we can bring to the table. That’s what we call DG+. Find out why.

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Lights out machining capability
DG Precision will help you drive down cost and improve turn time utilizing our machining expertise, state of the art equipment along with our ability to run 24/7.

Complex parts made complete off the machine
Our new equipment produces consistant high quality parts without incurring costly, time consuming, secondary operations.
Knowledge and Experience
DG Precision has been machining parts for 70 years.
Let us share our machining expertise to help you in your  early component design stage. Our knowledge can help you design a more optimized ,machinable part to achieve your goals.
DG Precision will work with you to achieve your Kanban shipping needs helping you receive parts when you need them.

Continuous Improvement
Would you like a machining vendor who consciously seeks to continuously improve their process. This is one of the reasons our customers stay with DG Precisionion.